Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to Blogging

I always forget we have this blog. With Facebook making new rules (that we don’t understand) about who sees our posts and who doesn’t, it might be the right time to start updating here. I’ll try to get on here and post dates for upcoming shows and stuff, so if anyone actually reads this, comment and let us know so we have incentive to continue.

Last week, we had the pleasure of playing the Worthen Attic in Lowell again. We set up this show pretty last minute for a tour coming through and got to play with Dee Cracks and Spruce Bringsteen (check them out if you haven’t!). We also had the pleasure of playing with our local friends Mr. Fahrenheit and Borderlines from Portland, ME (check them out too!). They’re excellent guys and a great band that we’ve been dying to play a show with.

Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because everyone was really cool that night. We paid to rent out the venue and most of the people who showed up were friends of ours. We pretty much told everyone “look we feel bad charging you to get in because we know you, but if you’d like to pay, we did rent this place out and would like to give the touring bands some cash if possible.” Everyone ended up paying. We broke even and were able to give the touring bands a small amount for gas. On top of this, everyone was very positive. Nobody was acting too cool or tough or anything and that’s always pleasant and surprising. So thank you to anyone who showed up and threw down a few dollars.

This past Friday, we played out in Fitchburg at this place called the Fitchburg Artistree with All Day Baby, SuperStoker, and Mr. Fahrenheit. It’s a really cool student run art space that has all ages shows. Because of this we went down the street to a Chinese food restaurant to have a few drinks before the show started. Jeff and I ended up talking to this guy at the bar and he showed up very drunk at the Artistree hours later during our set. After dancing around for a bit, he jumped up on stage and forced us to cover the song “My Girl”. Check out the video here courtesy of our friend Tom:

Upcoming Shows:

11/29 @Starlab in Somerville w/ Brick Mower, No Fun, and Congratulation
12/07 @The Worthen in Lowell TOYS 4 TOTS benefit w/ Poison Ivy League, Lucas Troy, and more TBA!

Let us know if anyone would bother with this blog!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Last Song" "Manny" (lyrics)

These two songs were recorded during the time we did the Disc is Dead but we didn't put them on that EP so the lyrics aren't printed anywhere so here they are

Tell all my friends I'm never drinking again
That is if there's anybody left to be tellin'
I was ostracized when I threw Tony's guitar outside
But you should've heard the shit I thought he was yellin'

Tell all my friends I'm never singing again
I always lose my voice and that's never gonna change
And everybody talks and I can't squeeze a word through these rocks
And I'm afraid I'll never comfortably find my range

No, you'll never catch me making those mistakes again
It was a beautiful show it was a hell of a weekend
Give me ten more like that and call it a lifetime

Tell all my friends I'm never playing in a band again
When everybody's busy, nothing sounds right live
And I get pretty sick of the six or seven songs we play real quick
And people acting like they're (we're) doing this to survive.

Give me that beer guitar and microphone.
Tell all my friends to get over here as fast as they can.

Do you realize that your following rules that apply to
A culture founded on self definition and freedom of expression?
The changemakers who are dead and gone,
Though their legacies are livin' and their words speak on,
Wouldn't be so pleased if they knew that you weren't living true.

I'm ok now, I'm just a couple of sins away from hell
But I have myself a little time before they toll the bell
I got my time sand, I'm gonna mold it and sculpt it as nice I can
So I might not be so sad when it falls through my hands

Do you realize that when you automatically let somebody decide what's right,
Your setting yourself up for that inner fight?
If you see something you think's wrong,
And somebody is telling you to move along,
That's why you can't sleep at night and you're brimming with wrongs to right.
And songs to write.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

49 51

Jared figured out how to get the password back! He said we were hacked but, I think he just forgot which word he originally chose to be our password. Anyway we're going to put lyrics on here and updates and I originally wanted to put this David Foster Wallace quote that inspired the title to 49 51 on here.

"But now realize that TV and popular film and most kinds of "low" art—which just means art whose primary aim is to make money—is lucrative precisely because it recognizes that audiences prefer 100 percent pleasure to the reality that tends to be 49 percent pleasure and 51 percent pain. Whereas "serious" art, which is not primarily about getting money out of you, is more apt to make you uncomfortable, or to force you to work hard to access its pleasures, the same way that in real life true pleasure is usually a by-product of hard work and discomfort."

I should point out that we don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that life is more painful than pleasurable, at least I don't on good days. The opinions expressed by the quotes on this blog are of those whom the band has read, and do not necessarily reflect the position or ideas of Yo Ticonderoga.


Saturday, June 18, 2011




Testing the Airwaves

Just got the blog up and running, we're hoping to use this blog as a way of posting lyrics, announcing upcoming shows, and general updates about recording and stuff.

Last week, we released a FREE 2-song single called "Rowdy Rose Seekers" that you can download at our bandcamp site here-

Our 5-song EP "The Disc is Dead" will be available in hard copy form and online within a couple weeks, so come see us once we have shows scheduled and pick it up.

See you soon!

-Yo Ti